Wednesday Weight – Week 36

Scale –

  • SW: 284.6
  • Pre-op diet weight: 267.4 (surgery day weight)
  • CW: 189.8
  • Loss of: 94.8 lbs

Dropped a stunning 3.6 lbs this week!  Not sure what caused that since I have been not very consistent on the exercising and not very consistent on the eating.  I can only assume it’s muscle and water loss, which is not good, but I’ll know next week when the weight stays the same or there’s a gain to compensate for the large loss this week.  Actually, next week I would have a stall anyway because it’s the time of the month where I retain water.

Love and God’s blessings,


Wednesday Weight – Week 35

Scale –

  • SW: 284.6
  • Pre-op diet weight: 267.4 (surgery day weight)
  • CW: 193.4
  • Loss of: 91.2 lbs


Pretty happy that I am still showing a loss! Still doing my exercising, although the main motivation has slacked off and I have a tough time getting myself out the door to walk and to do the challenges.  I don’t have a good method to keep the exercise a priority and as I get tired or sick I give up the exercising first thing.  The continued weight loss helps but I “forget” about it almost immediately and it doesn’t serve as a good motivator. Maybe I should try some other forms of motivation? A friend of mine does a reward to herself for every week that she stays true to the exercising.  I might try that…

Love and God’s blessings,

Weight loss week-by-week

I’ve been keeping this list on my computer desktop as a quick check and decided it’s really nice to see how the weight has changed from a week to week perspective.  As such it’s a great tool to easily spot trends in the weight. I can also see how it correlates with my eating!  So, without further ado here it is:

Starting weight: 284.6

Day of Surgery: 267.4 05-12-16

Week 1: 255 (-12.4)

Week 2: 252.8 (-2.2)

Week 3: 248.8 (-4.0)

Week 4: 248.4 (-0.4)

Week 5: 247.8 (-0.6)

Week 6: 244.6 (-3.2)

Week 7: 239.8 (-4.8)

Week 8: 238.6 (-1.2)

Week 9: 233.6 (-5)

Week 10: 230.6 (-3)

Week 11: 228.6 (-2)

Week 12: 226.4 (-2.2)

Week 13: 222.2 (-4.2)

Week 14: 218.6 (-3.6)

Week 15: 218.4 (-0.2) 08-24-16

Week 16: 216.8 (-1.6) 09-01-16

Week 17: 214.2 (-2.6) 09-07-16

Week 18: 211.6 (-2.6) 09-14-16

Week 19: 213 (+1.4) – My first time actually gaining weight!

Week 20: 211.8 (-1.2) 09-28-16 – Hitting a stall because I think last weeks gain was water.

Week 21: 209.4 (-2.4) 10-05-16 – 49 lbs left before I hit goal!

Week 22: 204.8 (-4.6) 10-12-16

Week 23: 204.4 (-0.4)

Week 24: 204.6 (+0.2)

Week 25: 201.8 (-2.8) 11-02-16

Week 26: 200.4 (-1.4) 11-09-15

Week 27: 201.8 (+1.4) 11-16-16

Week 28: 201.4 (-0.4) 11-23-16 Stall, 4th week!

Week 29: 198.6 (-2.8) 11-30-16 YES! Under 200#s!!

Week 30: Out of town with no scale

Week 31: 198.4 (-0.2) 12-14-16

Week 32: 195.8 (-2.6) 12-21-16

Week 33: 197.8 (+2) 12-28-16

Week 34: 195.0 (-2.8) 01-04-17

Week 35: 193.4 (-1.6) 01-11-17

Week 36: 189.8 (-3.6) 1-18-17

Week 37: 190.4 (+0.5) 1-25-17

Week 38: 193.2 (+2.8) 2-01-17 First time with two weeks in a row of a gain!

Week 39: On the cruise

Week 40: 188.4 (-4.8) 02-15-17

Week 41: 186.4 (-2) 02-22-17

Week 42: 186.2 (-0.2) 03-01-17

Week 43: 185.4 (-0.8) 03-08-17

Week 44: 184.8 (-0.6) 03-15-17

Week 45: 186.0 (+1.2) 03-22-17

Week 46: 183.8 (-2.2) 03-29-17

Week 47: 182.0 (-1.8) 04-05-17

Week 48: 183.4 (+1.4) 04-12-17

Week 49: 185.2 (+ 1.8) 04-19-17

Week 50: 188.2 (+3) 04-26-17

Week 51: 188.6 (+0.4) 05-03-17 Gaining weight at an alarming rate!


Current loss: -96 lbs

Greatest weight loss: -102.6 lbs


1st personal goal: -50 lbs (I’ve never lost that much at once) — GOAL!! on week 9

Surgeon’s goal: 220 lbs (60% of overall weight loss) — GOAL!! on week 14

2nd personal goal: 199 lbs (under 200 lbs) — GOAL!! on week 29

personal goal: -100 lbs — GOAL!! on week 46

3rd personal goal: 178 lbs (weigh less than my husband) —

Goal end weight: 170 (-114.6) —

Wednesday Weight and Measurements – Week 5 post-op

Scale –

  • SW: 284.6
  • Pre-op diet weight: 267.4 (surgery day weight)
  • CW: 247.8 (5 weeks post-op)
  • Loss of: 36.8 lbs

Body Measurements – (starting measurements)

  • Neck: 14.5″ (16″)
  • Bust: 47″ (51″)
  • Biceps: R-16″ , L-16″ (R-18″, L-17.5″)
  • Waist: 43″ (50″)
  • Hips: 50″ (55.5″)
  • Thighs: R- 28″, L-28″ (R-31″, L-30″)
  • Calves: R- 18″, L-18″ (R-18.5, L-18.5″)
  • Ankles: R-10″ , L-10″ (R-11″, L-11″)

Week 4 post-op Update

My 4 week post-op was yesterday and I wanted to take a minute and let myself know where I’m at right now with diet, exercise and breastfeeding.

First, breastfeeding has been a challenge. I thought I was home free a few weeks ago but it ends up there are good days and bad days. If I have a rough day with hydration then I can’t breastfeed the following day. My hypothesis about my liquid intake being the key to breastfeeding is 100% proven in that my calories don’t matter but if I miss even one glass of water then I don’t produce enough milk to satisfy my daughter and I have to resort to formula. She doesn’t mind but I don’t particularly like it. Good news is that if I up my liquids and continue to breastfeed then I start producing more milk. My liquids intake I’ll write more about below when I talk about my diet.

Second, exercising! This is surprisingly easy. I walk every day and work in the gardens. I am getting between 6,000 and 10,000 steps every day. The key to making it more steps is in my protein intake. Are you sensing a theme here? Breastfeeding = liquids, exercising = protein… Anyway, I have a LOT of fatigue later in the day if my protein isn’t getting in but mornings are still my preference for exercising so I can usually hit my low number of 6,000 steps. I’m also starting to lift more even though I’m suppose to limit myself to less than 20 lbs till 2 months post-op. I figure if I move into it slowly then it won’t hurt anything. I’m also working up the courage to start jogging but I think I’m going to wait another couple weeks just to make sure everything inside is healed up before I start jostling it around.

Third, the dreaded “d” word! My diet is a LOT more varied now that I am on “soft” foods. Really, I just avoid hard things to chew up into mush; like steak, nuts, seeds, etc. But I’m also avoiding breads and pastas. I had a donut today and it was bad, bad! I was sick for 2 hours, at least, so I won’t be trying that again anytime soon. Really I had no business trying it but I’m glad my sleeve did it’s thing and convinced me not to do it again. I still really miss coffee but June 23rd will be here sooner than I realize and I can’t wait! Now, for the nitty-gritty.. I am eating about 800-1000 calories right now and getting about 60-80 grams of protein and about 48 ozs of liquids. This is a great day and I feel fabulous on these days. Unfortunately, my weight loss has completely stopped!!!!!!!! This is more than a little frustrating. I can’t figure out if the weight loss stall is because of the 3 week post-op stall that everyone else gets OR if it’s because my calories are too high. Who has ever heard of 1,000 calories being too much to lose weight?!?! I hesitate to lower my calories, though, because then I’m tired and sluggish all the time. I also have a hard time getting my liquids AND proteins in when I focus on the calories. I guess this is the time to experiment so we’ll try the higher calories for another week and see if I lose anything, if not then I’ll go back to protein shakes and lower my calories and see if it jump starts the losing again.

Love and God’s blessings,

Wednesday Weights and Measurements – week 4 post-op

Scale –

  • SW: 284.6
  • Pre-op diet weight: 267.4 (surgery day weight)
  • CW: 248.4 (4 weeks post-op)
  • Loss of: 36.2 lbs

Body Measurements – (starting measurements)

  • Neck: 14.5″ (16″)
  • Bust: 47″ (51″)
  • Biceps: R-16″ , L-16″ (R-18″, L-17.5″)
  • Waist: 43.5″ (50″)
  • Hips: 50.5″ (55.5″)
  • Thighs: R- 28.5″, L-28.5″ (R-31″, L-30″)
  • Calves: R- 18″, L-18″ (R-18.5, L-18.5″)
  • Ankles: R-10″ , L-10″ (R-11″, L-11″)

Eating and Exercising, where I’m at..

Today is day 20 post-op and I wanted to take a minute and add some bullets on where I’m at right now:

  • I’m getting about 6,000 steps-per-day-average using my Fitbit One to measure (some days I have only 2,000 and others 9,000) and I have no problem doing the steps and I try to do at least one 20 minute long walk each day.
  • I’m spending between 30 minutes to an hour in the garden each morning as well.
  • I’m still on the pureed stage for food so my numbers below are still fairly low.
    • My average calorie count is between 400-600 calories per day.
    • Protein is around 30 to 45g per day (should be at >50g/day)
    • Roughly 32-48 oz of fluid per day… yes, I realize this is low and I’m mostly drinking watered down gatorade which isn’t the best choice but there are problems with our water right now. (should be at 50-62oz)
    • I eat mostly: scrambled egg, refried beans, Adkins protein shakes, blended soups, plain Chobani yogurt, dark chicken meat, or white fish. These are what go down easy for me. Usually, no more than 2 ozs at a time.
  • I really miss vegetables! My diet is pretty bland.
  • I get super grumpy, super quick when I’m hungry but don’t always recognize the signs in time and my husband suffers for it.
  • Having some head games with the weight loss and how few calories I am consuming.  I feel like the weight should be just falling off with only 600 calories a day but I only lost 4 lbs in the last two weeks.  I knew it would happen this way and really it’s better for the skin but I was still hoping it would just melt off in chunks.  Now I’m worried about what will happen in a week when I start adding soft foods and my calories go up a little bit.
  • I’m glad I took measurements to boost my spirits when the scale doesn’t move.