Weight loss week-by-week

I’ve been keeping this list on my computer desktop as a quick check and decided it’s really nice to see how the weight has changed from a week to week perspective.  As such it’s a great tool to easily spot trends in the weight. I can also see how it correlates with my eating!  So, without further ado here it is:

Starting weight: 284.6

Day of Surgery: 267.4 05-12-16

Week 1: 255 (-12.4)

Week 2: 252.8 (-2.2)

Week 3: 248.8 (-4.0)

Week 4: 248.4 (-0.4)

Week 5: 247.8 (-0.6)

Week 6: 244.6 (-3.2)

Week 7: 239.8 (-4.8)

Week 8: 238.6 (-1.2)

Week 9: 233.6 (-5)

Week 10: 230.6 (-3)

Week 11: 228.6 (-2)

Week 12: 226.4 (-2.2)

Week 13: 222.2 (-4.2)

Week 14: 218.6 (-3.6)

Week 15: 218.4 (-0.2) 08-24-16

Week 16: 216.8 (-1.6) 09-01-16

Week 17: 214.2 (-2.6) 09-07-16

Week 18: 211.6 (-2.6) 09-14-16

Week 19: 213 (+1.4) – My first time actually gaining weight!

Week 20: 211.8 (-1.2) 09-28-16 – Hitting a stall because I think last weeks gain was water.

Week 21: 209.4 (-2.4) 10-05-16 – 49 lbs left before I hit goal!

Week 22: 204.8 (-4.6) 10-12-16

Week 23: 204.4 (-0.4)

Week 24: 204.6 (+0.2)

Week 25: 201.8 (-2.8) 11-02-16

Week 26: 200.4 (-1.4) 11-09-15

Week 27: 201.8 (+1.4) 11-16-16

Week 28: 201.4 (-0.4) 11-23-16 Stall, 4th week!

Week 29: 198.6 (-2.8) 11-30-16 YES! Under 200#s!!

Week 30: Out of town with no scale

Week 31: 198.4 (-0.2) 12-14-16

Week 32: 195.8 (-2.6) 12-21-16

Week 33: 197.8 (+2) 12-28-16

Week 34: 195.0 (-2.8) 01-04-17

Week 35: 193.4 (-1.6) 01-11-17

Week 36: 189.8 (-3.6) 1-18-17

Week 37: 190.4 (+0.5) 1-25-17

Week 38: 193.2 (+2.8) 2-01-17 First time with two weeks in a row of a gain!

Week 39: On the cruise

Week 40: 188.4 (-4.8) 02-15-17

Week 41: 186.4 (-2) 02-22-17

Week 42: 186.2 (-0.2) 03-01-17

Week 43: 185.4 (-0.8) 03-08-17

Week 44: 184.8 (-0.6) 03-15-17

Week 45: 186.0 (+1.2) 03-22-17

Week 46: 183.8 (-2.2) 03-29-17

Week 47: 182.0 (-1.8) 04-05-17

Week 48: 183.4 (+1.4) 04-12-17

Week 49: 185.2 (+ 1.8) 04-19-17

Week 50: 188.2 (+3) 04-26-17

Week 51: 188.6 (+0.4) 05-03-17 Gaining weight at an alarming rate!


Current loss: -96 lbs

Greatest weight loss: -102.6 lbs


1st personal goal: -50 lbs (I’ve never lost that much at once) — GOAL!! on week 9

Surgeon’s goal: 220 lbs (60% of overall weight loss) — GOAL!! on week 14

2nd personal goal: 199 lbs (under 200 lbs) — GOAL!! on week 29

personal goal: -100 lbs — GOAL!! on week 46

3rd personal goal: 178 lbs (weigh less than my husband) —

Goal end weight: 170 (-114.6) —


Pre-Op weights and measures

I think I’m going to be too busy tomorrow or the day of surgery to get these numbers down so I’m doing them now a little early.  So, without further ado..


  • SW: 284.6
  • CW: 267.4
  • Loss of: 17.2 lbs

Body Measurements-

  • Neck: 16″
  • Bust: 50″
  • Biceps: R-17″, L-17″
  • Waist: 47.5″
  • Hips: 53.5″
  • Thighs: R-29.5″, L-29.5″
  • Calf: R-19″, L-18.5″
  • Ankle: R-10.5″, L-10.5″

Last minute thoughts..

It’s 10:40pm on the night before we leave for Mexico.  We have to be at the airport at 9:30am… What’s going through my head?

Amazingly, not much.  I am more nervous about the flight than I am the surgery.  We’ve decided not to announce anything to my friends and family.  However, we are going to ask for prayers for successful procedure and speedy recovery.  I’m packed, for the third time.  I have my clothes set out for the travel part.  I remembered the breast pump which will be my constant companion for the next 6 days.  Oh, and about the pre-op diet?  It’s hard!  No, really hard!!

Okay, let’s get this show on the road…

Love and God’s blessings,

14 days and counting! And a loss for the day..

Yesterday was the first day on the required pre-op diet and I was doing so excellently.. until I sabotaged myself!  Let me explain how:  yesterday was the first time my husband went out of town without me and I totally fell into all my bad habits.  You see I not only use food as a reward but also as a blanket for comfort.  When my beloved husband leaves town I use the food as a way to block out the fact that he’s not here.  I know he believes I buy the junk as a type of breaking out of his control but that’s so far away from the truth.  I love him so much that I use the food as a placebo for him!  AND I have taught this to my kids as well.  So when my husband leaves town, for any reason, the kids and I get junk food to console ourselves.  I thought since I was doing so well with my “practice” pre-op diet (I’ve been doing it since April 18th) then I would just keep on keeping on.  Instead, I gave in to the kids demands to keep up the junk food practice and, of course, with all my most favorite junk foods around I was no where near strong enough to say no.  Not only that but I let my old binge feelings get the best of me and I completely lost it.  So, how bad was the damage?  Bad! Full disclosure means I have to confess to 6 ice cream sandwiches, 1 whole small pizza (3 servings), 3 Nutty bars, and a piece of chocolate creme pie.. all consumed between 4-8pm!

However, I am NOT giving up this time.  So I screwed up last night… today is a new day and I can, must, do better.  I believe I can and so I will. This is new and uncharted territory with me, this resolve, but I hope it sticks!  Pray for me, though, because my husband is gone till Sunday night and right now it is the wee hours of Saturday morning and there’s still junk food in the house…

Love and God’s blessings,

The waiting game

You know how when something exciting is coming up you find ways of trying to make time pass faster?  Like instead of saying it’s 42 days till surgery you say it’s 6 weeks.  The 6 is a smaller number so it seems like it’s shorter than 42 days even though it’s the same amount of time… well, that’s where I’m at!  I alternate between excited, bewildered, unfathomable, and excited again.  Sometimes I stop and consider the risks and feel a little nervous but then I consider my life now if I remain the same and the nervousness is gone.  Life as I know it is going to change in 6 weeks and I can hardly wait!

Diet wise I’m a bit of a disaster. I said I wouldn’t fall into the, “mourning foods,” mentality but I sure have.  I find myself driving thru fast food and eating Little Debbie’s like they are discontinuing ALL their snack foods.  I eat M&Ms every day now.  I keep buying bottled coffee (bad for multiple reasons!) even though I don’t really like them that much.  I am eating and drinking emotionally and THIS is bad… very bad!  The emotional eating is what will make the surgery fail.  I have noticed it is particularly bad when my joints are swollen and I am in pain. Which is actually a good thing because most of that will go away after the surgery, God willing.  However, it also means I don’t have an adequate system in place to deal with emotional eating.  This is something I MUST fix.. and soon. I’ll keep you posted..

Love and God’s blessings,

7 weeks pre-op and counting

I have my measurements done.. I can’t believe this is happening!

I have my PCP on board.. this is so cool!

We booked the flight and scheduled the surgery.. I’m taking a trip!

I’ve swapped my breakfast for a protein shake.. yikes!

I refuse to buy clothing I desperately need because in two months they won’t fit.. HA!

Started getting in 20 minutes of exercise every day… crazy!

It’s so hard to imagine myself losing weight.  I feel like it’s a trick and tomorrow I’ll wake up and the dream will be over.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a little anxious.  I have had two c-sections and I know surgery in the abdomen isn’t a walk in the park.  I’m having a sizable chunk of my stomach removed!  There will be pain, hardship, frustrations, even some regrets as I deal with the emotional aspects of it.  But to lose the weight… I don’t know if someone who isn’t morbidly obese can understand.. but to lose the weight would be nothing short of a miracle!  So, bring it on!  I’m ready…

Love and God’s blessings,


Getting the ducks all in a row

If you attend a local bariatric seminar they tell you all the requirements of the insurance companies. Some of the hoops they want you to jump thru, I think, are purely to see if you have the drive to see it thru but some things are excellent advice no matter where you have your surgery at. Such as which doctors you need to meet with and get check ups for. Doctors like a psychologist or therapist to deal with eating disorders. A cardiologist to check out your heart. A dietician to help with nutrients and supplements. If you have bowel issues they require a urologist to sign off. Etc.

With that in mind it’s a great idea to get your Primary Care Provider (PCP) to agree to follow up care and blood work. Unlike a local surgery you won’t be able to just pop in for a follow-up check up with your surgeon. You need someone who knows what’s going on that can help if there is a question or concern. You also need blood work every 3 months for the first year to keep an eye on vitamin and mineral levels in you. It’s also a good idea to have a full blood work panel done by your PCP before the surgery so you have a baseline.  I’m scheduled for mine on April 15th and it’s one more thing to check off the list!

Love and God’s blessings,