Weight loss week-by-week

I’ve been keeping this list on my computer desktop as a quick check and decided it’s really nice to see how the weight has changed from a week to week perspective.  As such it’s a great tool to easily spot trends in the weight. I can also see how it correlates with my eating!  So, without further ado here it is:

Starting weight: 284.6

Day of Surgery: 267.4 05-12-16

Week 1: 255 (-12.4)

Week 2: 252.8 (-2.2)

Week 3: 248.8 (-4.0)

Week 4: 248.4 (-0.4)

Week 5: 247.8 (-0.6)

Week 6: 244.6 (-3.2)

Week 7: 239.8 (-4.8)

Week 8: 238.6 (-1.2)

Week 9: 233.6 (-5)

Week 10: 230.6 (-3)

Week 11: 228.6 (-2)

Week 12: 226.4 (-2.2)

Week 13: 222.2 (-4.2)

Week 14: 218.6 (-3.6)

Week 15: 218.4 (-0.2) 08-24-16

Week 16: 216.8 (-1.6) 09-01-16

Week 17: 214.2 (-2.6) 09-07-16

Week 18: 211.6 (-2.6) 09-14-16

Week 19: 213 (+1.4) – My first time actually gaining weight!

Week 20: 211.8 (-1.2) 09-28-16 – Hitting a stall because I think last weeks gain was water.

Week 21: 209.4 (-2.4) 10-05-16 – 49 lbs left before I hit goal!

Week 22: 204.8 (-4.6) 10-12-16

Week 23: 204.4 (-0.4)

Week 24: 204.6 (+0.2)

Week 25: 201.8 (-2.8) 11-02-16

Week 26: 200.4 (-1.4) 11-09-15

Week 27: 201.8 (+1.4) 11-16-16

Week 28: 201.4 (-0.4) 11-23-16 Stall, 4th week!

Week 29: 198.6 (-2.8) 11-30-16 YES! Under 200#s!!

Week 30: Out of town with no scale

Week 31: 198.4 (-0.2) 12-14-16

Week 32: 195.8 (-2.6) 12-21-16

Week 33: 197.8 (+2) 12-28-16

Week 34: 195.0 (-2.8) 01-04-17

Week 35: 193.4 (-1.6) 01-11-17

Week 36: 189.8 (-3.6) 1-18-17

Week 37: 190.4 (+0.5) 1-25-17

Week 38: 193.2 (+2.8) 2-01-17 First time with two weeks in a row of a gain!

Week 39: On the cruise

Week 40: 188.4 (-4.8) 02-15-17

Week 41: 186.4 (-2) 02-22-17

Week 42: 186.2 (-0.2) 03-01-17

Week 43: 185.4 (-0.8) 03-08-17

Week 44: 184.8 (-0.6) 03-15-17

Week 45: 186.0 (+1.2) 03-22-17

Week 46: 183.8 (-2.2) 03-29-17

Week 47: 182.0 (-1.8) 04-05-17

Week 48: 183.4 (+1.4) 04-12-17

Week 49: 185.2 (+ 1.8) 04-19-17

Week 50: 188.2 (+3) 04-26-17

Week 51: 188.6 (+0.4) 05-03-17 Gaining weight at an alarming rate!


Current loss: -96 lbs

Greatest weight loss: -102.6 lbs


1st personal goal: -50 lbs (I’ve never lost that much at once) — GOAL!! on week 9

Surgeon’s goal: 220 lbs (60% of overall weight loss) — GOAL!! on week 14

2nd personal goal: 199 lbs (under 200 lbs) — GOAL!! on week 29

personal goal: -100 lbs — GOAL!! on week 46

3rd personal goal: 178 lbs (weigh less than my husband) —

Goal end weight: 170 (-114.6) —


VSG with Dr. Fernando Garcia and Tijuana Bariatrics


I hit on it in a few of the other posts but wanted to go into some detail about the Surgeon I chose.  His name is Dr. Fernando Garcia (Govea). The practice is called Tijuana Bariatrics and it’s located in Tijuana, Mexico.  The web site is: http://www.tijuanabariatrics.com

In the past he has used outsourced coordinators like, Ready4aChange, but now he is using his own on-site coordinator.  I chose Dr. Garcia so I used his own coordinator rather than switching doctors.  I spent over 3 years researching, talking to past clients, watching his youtube videos and everyone else’s.  I wasn’t changing doctors just because of the coordinator!

My impression of him through videos and blogs was that he was intelligent and soft spoken and capable.  He answered questions thoroughly and in a manner that I could understand.  I also talked with many people on facebook that had the same impression. I felt safe when I thought of him taking care of me.

My first meeting with Dr. Garcia was about 1/2 an hour before surgery.  He came in and introduced himself, shook my hand (two handed shake, my friends) and quietly explained the procedure again.  He asked me if I had any questions and patiently answered the same questions I asked all the other doctors: What should I expect coming out of general anesthesia? What will tonight be like after surgery? What should my recover be like? What happens if something goes wrong? etc… He was extremely patient, soft spoken and gentle with me.  Not in the least bit rushed or agitated.  The whole interview took about 10 minutes and he left.  Within the half hour I went to surgery and remember nothing more than moving onto the operating table and getting oxygen.  There are some blogs that tell of a strange operating room but the one I was in, in Hospital CER, was immaculately clean and not any different than all the operating rooms I have been in the States.

Recovery was a little harder for me than the normal person.  I had some trouble coming out of general anesthesia in that my eyes couldn’t stay open even though my brain was functioning.  I also took longer (by only a couple hours, but still) to get my arms and legs coordinated.  Eventually, things got better and I was shuffling down the hallways with everyone else.  The gas pressure they warn you about is REAL!  The pain is exactly like you’re having a heart attack.  The walking makes a huge difference even though it hurts to move around a lot.

I was the last surgery of the day and I came out of recovery at 18:50 (6:50pm).  By 8pm I was doing my first shuffle down the hallway.  At the beginning it was only two passed around the little hallway but every hour I got up and walked another 2 laps.  By morning I was sleeping a little better and longer, getting 2-3 hours sleep before walking.  The first morning after surgery was the hardest physically because I wanted to sleep but the chest pain would only be alleviated by walking, which also made me ache.  By the evening of the first day I was walking 4 laps and feeling much better.

The morning of the first day, around 9am, Dr. Garcia came to check up on me and my incision and progress.  It was just a routine visit but I appreciated it and being able to ask some more questions about healing and time tables.  I asked questions of him that I later learned I was suppose to ask the Nurtitionist, but Dr. Garcia took the time to answer them anyway.

In summary: I think I chose the best surgeon!  He did a wonderful job, I’m healing and healthy.  His bedside manner is gentle and soft.  He’s extremely patient (excellent quality in a surgeon, if you ask me) and kind.  I felt he cared about me and my health.

Love and God’s blessings,


Pre-Op weights and measures

I think I’m going to be too busy tomorrow or the day of surgery to get these numbers down so I’m doing them now a little early.  So, without further ado..


  • SW: 284.6
  • CW: 267.4
  • Loss of: 17.2 lbs

Body Measurements-

  • Neck: 16″
  • Bust: 50″
  • Biceps: R-17″, L-17″
  • Waist: 47.5″
  • Hips: 53.5″
  • Thighs: R-29.5″, L-29.5″
  • Calf: R-19″, L-18.5″
  • Ankle: R-10.5″, L-10.5″

What I am packing for my VSG in Mexico

Updated list with what I used, didn’t use and wished I had!


  1. 2 Pairs yoga type pants for sleeping (USED – wish I had 2 more pairs)
  2. 1 pair capri exercise pants (Didn’t use – waste band was uncomfortable)
  3. 2 tee-shirts (USED – wish I had taken 1-2 more loose, longer shirts)
  4. 1 tank top (USED)
  5. 5 pairs panties (USED)
  6. 2 comfy bras (USED – wish I had 2-3 more for a clean one each day)
  7. 4 pairs socks (USED)
  8. pair of rubber sports sandals (USED)
  9. Skirt with yoga waistband, dress shirt and sweater for Mass (Didn’t use shirt or sweater, USED shirt for plane ride home)


  1. travel size 2-in-1 shampoo (USED – Not necessary, though, because the hotel has samples)
  2. travel size Dove soap (my favorite) (USED – but not necessary since the hotel provided)
  3. toothbrush (USED – absolute lifesaver when some flavors were too much for me)
  4. toothpaste (USED – see above)
  5. floss (USED)
  6. deodorant (USED)
  7.  Breast pump and bottle and pads (USED)
  8. Bandages and neosporin spray (USED – nicer than the gauze they provided)
  9. Pantiliners (USED – some spotting despite full time breast feeding)


  1. Prenatal vitamins (Didn’t use)
  2. Zyrtex (Didn’t use)
  3. Claritin (Didn’t use)
  4. Immodium AD (USED – the barium you drink for the x-ray was a doozie!)
  5. Gas-x strips (Didn’t use)
  6. cough drops (Didn’t use)
  7. blistex (USED – definitely a life saver for your lips!)
  8. Ended up buying hydrocortizone cream for poison ivy that I got just before I left for Mexico. Their pharmacy really does have everything but the price was about the same as here.


  1. $100 cash in $1 bills (USED about $80)
  2. Kindle and charger (USED)
  3. Cell phone and charger (remember to add international to plan) – (USED)
  4. Credit card for emergencies (remember to call and alert them to international travel) – (USED – hotel required $100 deposit for incidentals)
  5. Coloring book and pencils 🙂 – (USED but could have left home)
  6. Books to read on the flight (Didn’t use – used the kindle instead)
  7. Ear buds for kindle (Didn’t use)
  8. Wallet with driver’s license and Passport card (USED)
  9. I did not take any powdered fluids and did just fine. We did make a run to the Walmart for powerade and G2 but ended up drinking tea (available at the hotel) and watered down pure (no sugar added) fruit juice as my primary sources of fluids.

Love and God’s blessings,

Last minute thoughts..

It’s 10:40pm on the night before we leave for Mexico.  We have to be at the airport at 9:30am… What’s going through my head?

Amazingly, not much.  I am more nervous about the flight than I am the surgery.  We’ve decided not to announce anything to my friends and family.  However, we are going to ask for prayers for successful procedure and speedy recovery.  I’m packed, for the third time.  I have my clothes set out for the travel part.  I remembered the breast pump which will be my constant companion for the next 6 days.  Oh, and about the pre-op diet?  It’s hard!  No, really hard!!

Okay, let’s get this show on the road…

Love and God’s blessings,

Starting a new chapter in breastfeeding

My little girls is 5 months old today!  And she is more than ready to move on to her first “solids.”  Today we will introduce rice cereal to her diet.  She has been acting hungry for the last week or so with waking at night to eat and putting everything in her mouth.

What does this have to do with VSG and breastfeeding?  Because every time you introduce something new into the diet it temporarily messes up the breastfeeding routine and the mothers milk supply.  Right now I am heavy with milk because she has been nursing so often.  This is both a blessing and a curse!  It’s downright painful at times but the milk is needed to store for the upcoming trip to Mexico.  I’m only a couple bottles away from having more than enough to get her through me being gone AND getting her through the couple weeks I may have a low milk supply from the lack of fluids.  One thing I’m concerned about is if I am still making too much milk when I go then it will add to the pain element when I can’t breastfeed to get relief.  I plan to pump and dump but I know it will be hard, mentally, to dump it.  Just for the record, I am more than a little nervous I won’t be able to actually pull this off.  I’m not too worried about my daughter’s health since my first two kids were only breastfed for 3 months and they are both very healthy.  But this was a goal for me to breastfeed all my babies for one year or until they wean themselves.  Given the decision between the VSG and breastfeeding I will chose the VSG, obviously, but I really want to do both.  That is my hope.

Love and God’s blessings,


14 days and counting! And a loss for the day..

Yesterday was the first day on the required pre-op diet and I was doing so excellently.. until I sabotaged myself!  Let me explain how:  yesterday was the first time my husband went out of town without me and I totally fell into all my bad habits.  You see I not only use food as a reward but also as a blanket for comfort.  When my beloved husband leaves town I use the food as a way to block out the fact that he’s not here.  I know he believes I buy the junk as a type of breaking out of his control but that’s so far away from the truth.  I love him so much that I use the food as a placebo for him!  AND I have taught this to my kids as well.  So when my husband leaves town, for any reason, the kids and I get junk food to console ourselves.  I thought since I was doing so well with my “practice” pre-op diet (I’ve been doing it since April 18th) then I would just keep on keeping on.  Instead, I gave in to the kids demands to keep up the junk food practice and, of course, with all my most favorite junk foods around I was no where near strong enough to say no.  Not only that but I let my old binge feelings get the best of me and I completely lost it.  So, how bad was the damage?  Bad! Full disclosure means I have to confess to 6 ice cream sandwiches, 1 whole small pizza (3 servings), 3 Nutty bars, and a piece of chocolate creme pie.. all consumed between 4-8pm!

However, I am NOT giving up this time.  So I screwed up last night… today is a new day and I can, must, do better.  I believe I can and so I will. This is new and uncharted territory with me, this resolve, but I hope it sticks!  Pray for me, though, because my husband is gone till Sunday night and right now it is the wee hours of Saturday morning and there’s still junk food in the house…

Love and God’s blessings,