Friday Weight Check – Week 9

Weight Gain/Loss:

Starting weight: 184.6 lbs

Start of pregnancy: 06-09-17

Due Date: 03-15-18

  • Week 6: 191.6 (doctor appt that confirmed pregnancy)
  • Week 7: 193.2
  • Week 8: 191.2
  • Week 9: 194.6 (up 10 overall)



Doing nothing at the moment because of nausea and severe fatigue. I will add some small weights daily so I don’t lose all my muscle mass in the first trimester.  If I move slow I shouldn’t drain all my reserve energy but still work a range of muscles to keep them limber. I have used this program before and like it’s simplicity and that I can manipulate it around my fatigue:

I won’t grow muscle but hopefully I won’t lose what I have now!



Snacking on unhealthy choices due to nausea is being changed.  A small block of cheese (0.5 oz) is just as capable of settling my stomach as a bag of chips! The cheese is smarter for sure. I need to eliminate all sweet stuff again as I have let ice cream and cookies back into the menu, these are never good for me. I think protein shakes or smoothies would be good to reintroduce as they can be filling and less calories than the carbs I have been snacking on. Maybe in a couple weeks log all foods into MyFitnessPal again for a week or so and check my actual food consumption amounts.


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