1 year 13 weeks post-op and Pregnant!

Time to resurrect this blog since it’s not redundant anymore.  Only this time it’s for the purpose of sharing my process (pregnancy and breastfeeding) on THIS side of the surgery table!

My husband and I found out several weeks ago that we are pregnant.  A bit of a shock since I thought my symptoms were simply dehydration.  We’re about 9 weeks along and I’m having typical morning sickness and the extreme fatigue I thought I had left behind after losing the weight.  That was a setback to my mental health but I know now it’s the pregnancy and NOT because I’m morbidly obese anymore.

My biggest struggle right now is slipping back into old habits when I’m pregnant.  Like all my past pregnancies I’m trying to “eat” away the morning sickness.  That is, when I’m nauseous I can eat something small and it makes me feel better for a little bit (like half an hour) and then it starts over again.  With the sleeve surgery you have the stomach capacity to eat small bites ALL-DAY-LONG, but it’s definitely NOT good for weight gain!  As such in the last 9 weeks (I wasn’t weighing myself every Wednesday anymore so I’m using the beginning of the pregnancy as my starting point) I have gained a total of 10 lbs, bringing my current weight up to 194.2 lbs!

Mentally and physically you wouldn’t think 10 lbs is that big of a deal to cause anguish but when I went thru surgery, pain, suffering to lose each and every pound then to gain back, for any reason, is wrecking havoc on my mental health.  Plus you hear all these stories when you’re researching the surgery of people who gained back all the weight they lost and it always begins with a small weight gain that they ignored!  I DON’T want that to be me!!  The severe fatigue makes exercising hard to accomplish as well.  Then to add insult to injury all my clothes are feeling tight already because of the bloating of constantly eating!  UGH!

So, where is my silver lining? Well, for one thing, if all goes right, I get another newborn baby out of the deal and I do so love my little babykins!  Hate pregnancy, love the babies!!  Also, I know that in the past I have always gained weight in the first trimester and then lost that weight in the second trimester before again gaining in the third trimester so when the baby is born I end up with a 20 lb weight gain that can be easily lost if I return to protein shakes and exercise. I have one more silver lining, I can fit into normal size maternity clothes this time!  My last pregnancy I was 265 lbs and had to order size 26 (XXXL) pants and shirts.  I had to special order nursing bras that were $58/ea and a size 48 DDD!  This time around I fit a size large pants, med/large top and bra size 38D.  I might have to start wearing maternity clothes early because of the bloating but at least I have cute clothes to wear!

My goal is to post weekly with a weight, eating and exercising update.  Ideally, I would also jot a note on how my mental health is coping with weight gain, which I believe is inevitable.  For the simplicity of the calendar I am going to move the day to Friday so it lines up with the pregnancy timeline.

Love and God’s blessings,


Disclaimer: Most  surgeons suggest you wait at least 18 months before getting pregnant to give your body the maximum amount of healing time before adding the stress of pregnancy.  This was an unplanned pregnancy but I have been having no trouble with any part of the surgery or my stomach since the 12 month mark and feel that this pregnancy poses no risk.  Also, my PCP, who has been my follow-up doctor since the surgery is aware of the pregnancy and see’s no complications arising from the surgery other than possibly dehydration (something I struggle with anyway.) My PCP has suggested doing the blood draws again every 3 months (I moved to every 6 months at the 12 month anniversary)  to check that my vitamin/iron/protein levels don’t drop too low before we catch it, but that will be up to my OB to decide if it’s necessary.


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