Wednesday Weight – Week 51

Scale –

  • SW: 284.6
  • Pre-op diet weight: 267.4 (surgery day weight)
  • CW: 188.6
  • Loss of: 96 lbs

I have a weight gain over the last 4 weeks of, approximately, 6 lbs.  I’m not concerned because I know why I’m gaining…  I have completely stopped all exercising (it’s Spring here so there is foul weather every day and I walk as my primary exercise) and my diet has been a grab-and-go mentality for the last month.  There are personal reasons for this and I’m hopeful its almost at an end. I need to stop running long enough to find better solutions and I’m not there yet. Next week will find breathing room and a chance to get into place better “on-the-run” options.  I’m hopeful that I can get back the ground I lost and maybe lose some more fat next month.  I expect my weight will climb when I start exercising again but will, overall, be healthier.  I DON’T expect my weight to drop lower than the 182 I hit as my high loss.  If it does then excellent!  But I know the primary loss in this surgery is really as low as your body likes to go and to push beyond it means a great deal more investment (and I mean a GREAT deal more) than I am willing to put in at this time of my lift.  I am EXTREMELY happy with my results and I plan a big 1 year surgeversary blog post next week to hit my highlights.

My week-to-week post show’s the weight gains for the weeks that I didn’t actually have a post.

Love and God’s blessings,



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