Wednesday Weight – Week 38

Scale –

  • SW: 284.6
  • Pre-op diet weight: 267.4 (surgery day weight)
  • CW: 193.2
  • Loss of: 91.4 lbs


Last week I had a gain of just 0.5 lbs and I glossed over it even though I knew I was risking a stop to my weight loss because I had just stopped exercising AGAIN.  This week I have a whopping +2.8 lbs on top of the 0.5 lbs from last week, which means I’ve actually gained 3.3 lbs in the last two weeks!  This is serious because I knew from my week-to-week chart that my weight loss was slowing down more and more.  To start to gain now would be a very bad move.  I still would like to lose another 20+ lbs!  So, back to the drawing board and charting my foods and proteins and sugars.  I have a strong suspicion it isn’t the lack of exercise but the increase in sugar that is undermining my ability to lose more!  In fact, it isn’t a suspicion, I know I have been letting more and more sugar in and you know what?  Most weight loss surgery patients can’t tolerate alcohol after surgery, well I think my demon is still going to be sugar!  In the next week I want to log my foods to see if I’m right and then to correct things.  Till then, pray for me…

Love and God’s blessings,


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