Wednesday Weight – Week 31

Scale –

  • SW: 284.6
  • Pre-op diet weight: 267.4 (surgery day weight)
  • CW: 198.4
  • Loss of: 86.2 lbs

I was in Michigan at the in-laws house last week and completely forgot to take my weight. Technically, I’m not sure they have a scale so I just skipped it.  I weighed myself when I got home last weekend and it showed an impressive weight loss that I knew must just be dehydration from the traveling. Ends up I was right because today I was back up to almost the same number as two weeks ago.  Ugh, another stall… I guess I might have to either up my exercising OR eliminate all the little snacking I have been doing with chocolate covered almonds and a handful of carbs (homemade bread!) a day.  Otherwise I will not just stall but plateau and maybe even stop losing altogether.  I’m not ready for that so I must change something.

In other news, I bought a swim suit!  Ready for this?!?  Size 16!!!! *mad maniacal laugh*… I haven’t been a size 16 since high school!!!

Love and God’s blessings,


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