31 Weeks and the Day of Reckoning

It occured to me last week that if I want the sleeve surgery to have a long term impact then I will have to face the demons I have brushed under the carpet during the recovery from the surgery. You see it’s REALLY easy for me to restrict what I eat when it hurts to eat. The temptation to over eat, or eat sugary things, was completely erased by the physical pain that occured the one time I tried both of those. Unfortunately, as I heal it becomes easier to eat sugar and easier to over eat without as much physical pain.

  • As a side note I have also experienced what most other sleeve patients have which is that real protein (meats, cheeses, nuts, etc.) are very dense and harder to digest in the smaller stomach and can cause discomfort that slider foods do not! Therefore, if I wait till I’m hungry then it’s easier and more comfortable to grab a piece of bread or chips instead of the protein. The real problem here being that I am not eating on a schedule and that’s bad.

I’m at the point in my healing that I can literally eat anything I want without getting sick or hurting. This is good because it means my stomach is healing well. It’s bad because my old habits are coming back to life and threatening to end my weight loss! I keep track of my weight almost every week and monitor what’s happening and I noticed that the weight loss has basically stopped. I lose a couple pounds every 3-4 weeks which is really slow for a surgery patient. However, I am also at 31 weeks post op which means I am inside the window of the end of the easy part. My surgeon, or somewhere else I read it, wrote that most sleeve patients level out and stop losing weight between 6 and 9 months, you can continue to recover physically for about 18 months, but the “easy” weight loss really stops somewhere in that window. If you want to continue losing after that then you have to be living the lifestyle they recommend of no sugar, low carbs, high protein, DAILY exercises, lots of fluids.

For all the world to know – I am NOT doing what I should be doing and I’ve been just cruising this surgery high of easy recovery! It’s been completely effortless and 99% painless after the first month. I eat whatever and do whatever and I still lose weight. However, I know it will end and the day of reckoning is at hand. I need to be exercising, I need to be eating correctly and I need to be doing both NOW.

So, the choices I have are to let my weight loss stop where I am now (the goals I have hit already are very nice and totally acceptable, in my opinion) and just keep cruising for the rest of my life (gaining back the weight is NOT an option.) Or accept the challenge I gave myself and do what I said I would do and hit my final goals. We’ll see what next week holds….

Love and God’s blessings,


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