6 Months Post-Op Review – The Fun Changes!

Third, and final update, are the fun changes I have discovered on the journey! This is more of a bullet list of neat little things I can do now or never imagined or never even considered when I was starting this weight loss journey. Without further ado:

  • My wrist bones! Really, how much time can you spend playing with the bones on your wrist? I guess if you’re me quite a bit and it always (ALWAYS) makes me smile!
  • Playing with my engagement ring. It’s almost too big now and it slips on and off pretty easily. Another couple pounds and I’ll have to have it resized. So cool!
  • The pants I am wearing didn’t fit when I had the surgery and I never imagined they wouldn’t fit in less than 6 months, but for the opposite reason! Now they are so big they slip off my tush and it’s not uncommon for me to sport a plumbers crack on occasion. That’s mostly due to the next bullet point…
  • My underwear are too big! Who knew?!? The stretchy panties that can fit for unlimited number of lbs can actually be too big! So, I went panty shopping for the first time in years and years and left with some plain-jane cottons and sticker shock… yikes are underwear expensive now-a-days.
  • The thrift store is like a shopping paradise when you’re wearing less than a plus size! I am guaranteed to find tons of skirts and pants at a size 16 and might even have to leave some behind. Not so when you’re a 22-24! You take what you can get and be happy for it no matter how ugly.
  • My favorite shoes are awkwardly too big. It’s not just that my feet are shorter and I wear a nine instead of a ten but they are not as wide and so then I walk in my old favorites it’s like clown shoes because my feet step on the SIDE of the shoe instead of the sole.
  • My shoulders are smaller so I had to buy a new purse that wasn’t a shoulder strap because it kept falling off my shoulder and wacking kids on the head!
  • I can carry a load of laundry up the stairs without getting winded! I even tried jogging up the stairs with the basket and made it without gasping for breath, although to be honest I was breathing slightly heavier after jogging two flights with an overloaded basket, LOL!!
  • I can out walk my teenage daughters!
  • Interesting observation is that I am not at all comfortable with the attention weight loss surgery has attracted.
  • I no longer have to do contortions to shave my legs OR sit on the toilet because I can’t balance on one leg long enough.
  • I can take a half hour nap and it’s sufficient! This is crazy good because before the surgery I would take 3-4 HOUR naps.
  • My hair has stopped falling out in huge chunks, although it hasn’t stopped altogether and I still get quite big hairballs. It isn’t coming out in handfuls when I touch it anymore. I have always been prideful about my hair so this has been quite a learning process for me and vanity in so many different levels!
  • I only have three pairs of pants that fit but I have about 40 shirts!!
  • I can’t stand piles of stuff laying around anymore! If it’s left unattended for too long then I donate it or toss it… the kids are learning, LOL.
  • I love looking at my collar bone! I could spend hours feeling up my own collar bone!! Or any other bones actually, now that I think about it. Having not felt bones in my body for years and years it’s pretty amazing that they are still around.
  • I spend an unhealthy amount of time flexing my bicep as well and admiring the lines of the muscle and bones!
  • I spend an equally unhealthy amount of time wishing my butt had a little muscle definition and less jiggle. Not enough wishing that I’ll do any type of exercises to help it, LOL, just enough that I can wake up one morning and it’s as firm and rounded as it was when I was in high school!
  • I have to stop myself from telling everyone I know who is overweight to have the surgery immediately! It brings tears to my eyes that so many people are suffering but won’t use the tools available to change it. I know lots of people HAVE had the surgery and still gain back the weight and that boggles my mind, too. I can’t see myself letting it all fall back to what it was. The food just doesn’t have the appeal anymore or even the taste. When I move it makes me feel better, not eating. So, I pray and pray…

Love and God’s blessings,



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