6 Months Post-Op Review — Food logs and Vitamins!

First, I am so completely blown away that it’s been six months already. How does the time just slip through our hands? To think I would be overweight, sick and tired still if I hadn’t done the surgery is just mind boggling to me. Then I think of what I am now and it’s more than I can even comprehend and it brings tears to my eyes thinking how extremely thankful I am this Thanksgiving to be healthy!

Anyway, so some stats on food. I don’t technically keep my foods logged anymore. But I do occasionally log everything on Myfitnesspal.com for a couple days to keep an eye on my numbers. Last time I did it was a couple weeks ago but I’m eating about the same so I’ll use those numbers.

Calories: 1100-1200

Protein: 40-80 (WIDE range here, every meal I eat has protein added but some choices are less than others)

Carbs: 90-100

Sugars: 40-80

Fluids: 24-36 oz water/juice mix, 40 oz decaf coffee

Here’s a day in the life of my diet now:

All day long I have drinks of some type. I don’t like water so I add 1-2 oz of juice to 10 oz of water several times. I also drink a LOT of coffee but switch to decaf after 1-2 mugs of regular, usually black but sometimes with a natural creamer, typically 48-56 oz of coffee per day with maybe 16 oz of it caffeinated.


I really like having BelVita breakfast crackers (I can only eat 2 of the 4 crackers usually) and a cheesestick or some almonds for breakfast with a mug of coffee, usually black. Another favorite is 1-2 scrambled eggs with cheese!

Morning snack:

It can be a cheesestick, almonds, hunk of meat, P3 snack pack, etc. Something quick and easy while I am running errands typically.


Usually some left over dinner, minus whatever starch I made for the family. Think lasagna, no noodles, or bbq chicken no potatoes, or something along those lines. If I’m out running errands I will get chicken nuggets and eat 3 or 4.

Afternoon snack:

I usually have the same as morning but add a little sweet for my blood sugar level. I tend to take a nose dive in the early afternoon with severe headaches and fatigue that is directly related to my sugar levels. I LOVE “Orchard Valley Harvest” dark chocolate almonds in individual snack packs that I can only find at Meijer! I usually open the small pack and put it in my pocket and snack on them for the whole afternoon. I try to also have half a Oikos Triple Zero yogurt for my probiotic around lunch or afternoon snack as well. If I miss the yogurt enough times in the week then I’ll add a probiotic supplement to my vitamins. This is to help me stay “regular” more than anything else since I don’t get a lot of fiber!


Whatever I make for the family (usually a casserole of some type) and I just don’t eat the starch that I include for my children. I DO always take a bite of whatever dessert I make for them as well. It’s what I love the most about the surgery! I can take a bite and be happy and move on.

Evening snack:

I have one on occasion. If my stomach is upset at bedtime it usually means I am hungry and trying to sleep is useless unless I eat something. This is where a cheese stick is my best friend!

Next, I just redid my vitamin regime (I did a whole post on these so read back if you want the details about how and why I made up my own) to eliminate the nasty Flintstone vitamins that I needed when I couldn’t swallow pills but now that I can I take a multivitamin with iron that I can just swallow. SOOOO much better! So, my vitamins are now:

NatureMade Multi-Complete with Iron (1/day)

NatureMade D3 – 5000 units/day

Omega-3 – 1000mg/day (big honkin pill! If I’m having a hard day I will do the gummy instead of the swallow, but I much prefer the swallow)

Nature’s Truth Sublingual B-12 – 5000mcg/day

Nature’s Way Probiotic – 1/day if I have missed my yogurt

(Warning: I don’t take the multi-vitamin and the Omega-3 at the same time because they are both big pills, instead I take one with each meal or snack when I remember! I also can’t take the iron without food because it makes me sick.)

I also take Ranitidine (generic for Zantac) 150 mg/nightly for heartburn. I can’t skip this one for more than a day or two or I pay greatly with severe heartburn!! The kind of heartburn that makes you swear you’re having a heart attack! Really, really nasty stuff and extremely painful. First couple times I got it I swear I was having a heart attack and I was dying.. honestly, it was horrible. Don’t need much of a reminder to take my heartburn pill!

Lastly, since the surgery doesn’t get rid of asthma, I have a nasal spray and an inhaler that I still use fairly frequently. I have heard sometimes the surgery can relieve asthma symptoms because of the weight loss on the insides around the organs and lungs but I have yet to experience any of those reliefs. I haven’t discounted them yet, I’m still hopeful, but I do have a lot of lung problems so I need those medications still.

Next to review is Exercise!

Love and God’s blessings,



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