6 Months Post-Op Review — Exercise and Moving the Body!

Second in my series of updates is learning to move this body of mine! I confess that my scheduled exercising has pretty much disappeared under the weight of seven kids at home, a very busy husband and my own lack of self-discipline. However, I have discovered I can use my own restlessness to channel some exercising! I may not like “scheduling” time to walk and do exercise videos and weight lifting… but I love to play rough house with my kids and tickle them and play house with them and teach them to mop the kitchen floor (how many times do you think it takes to teach a four year old how to mop the kitchen floor? About a dozen times a day, you say? You would be very close to accurate! Or maybe my son has me hoodwinked and just loves to mop the floor… hummm)

I also took over doing most of the strenuous chores that the teenagers and my husband used to do. Like the laundry – it’s in the lower level at the far end of the house! If you’re doing laundry for a household of nine and three of them are boys, two are sloppy little girls and two are teenage girls then you know why it’s a strenuous chore. I do all the grocery shopping; if you move quickly enough or go at the busy time of day it’s absolutely a work out! Those are just examples of how to add some pretty serious walking, stretching and moving into a normal stay-at-home-mom day. I supplement that by taking my kids to the park, and not sitting on the bench watching them, going on play-dates, or even just picking up leaves for a craft for the little ones. I carry my 11 month old and my 2-1/2 year old around occasionally (when I want, not when they want! Wouldn’t want to spoil them in the process..) I throw them in the air and catch them. I swing them around and we dance to music. These are the “exercises” I love the most and I count them as moving my body and getting it more fit.

So, the big question is whether it’s enough? For now it obviously is. I am still losing weight and I am still strong. Will it last? Probably not. As I lose weight and get to the point that I’m consuming as many calories as I am burning I will have to decide if it’s where I’m happiest or if I need to spend the time exercising to lower my weight more. If I was to stop losing now I would need to add in more regimented exercise since I am still at 200 lbs.

A note of warning: There are days where I feel under the weather or lazy and just sit around reading (we rarely watch tv and movies, a huge saving grace in our household!) and I feel the blah in the coming days. If I don’t move my body then I am miserable! If I’m miserable then I need to get up and move! It can feel like a monumental task when I’m already miserable but I won’t stop feeling bad till I do something constructive. In short, all of me is tuned into what my body is doing, or NOT doing, and it effects me mentally and emotionally… not just physically. Moving my body is necessary to my quality of life!!!! Something I was not capable of controlling when I was fat because of my physical limitations but now?! No excuses and the biggest most understated gift of the weight loss surgery!

Next in the 6 month review series? The fun changes!

Love and God’s blessings,


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