Wednesday Weight and Measurements – Week 22

Scale –

  • SW: 284.6
  • Pre-op diet weight: 267.4 (surgery day weight)
  • CW: 204.8
  • Loss of: 79.8 lbs

Body Measurements – (starting measurements)

  • Neck: 14″ (16″)
  • Bust: 42″ (51″)
  • Biceps: R-14.5″ , L-14.5″ (R-18″, L-17.5″)
  • Waist: 39.5″ (50″)
  • Hips: 46.5″ (55.5″)
  • Thighs: R- 25″, L-25″ (R-31″, L-30″)
  • Calves: R- 16″, L-16″ (R-18.5, L-18.5″)
  • Ankles: R-10″ , L-10″ (R-11″, L-11″)

It’s been a while since I added the measurements so I updated and I’m posting them now.  While there hasn’t been any significant changes in the last couple months the overall loss is astounding!!  It’s a good example of slow and steady adding up and I love it.  I’m now solidly into a size 18 and they are loose like I like them.  I can fit some 14s and most 16s but they are tighter than I like. I’m very particular about not wearing tight.  The new clothing trend makes me cringe because the tight look only works for about 1 out of 20 women but everyone wears them and it’s SO unflattering!  I DO have a whole new love of A-line skirts…

Love and God’s blessings,


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