The Dreaded Hair Loss!

I’ve been losing handfuls of hair since sometime in the second month, I’d say around week 10. As you can imagine, if you’re losing a handful of hair every day for the last two months (we’re at week 21 now), then it’s starting to get a little scary how thin what’s left of my hair is getting! My hair is wavy and LONG. It reaches to the small of my back and I’m 5′-7” tall. I think I have lost, easily, half of the volume I had pre-surgery. Is there anything that can be done? No, not according to my surgeon. It’s just the way your body deals with the shock of rapid weight loss. Some people lose hair in patchy places and some, like me, lose a great deal of volume all over. Of the two, I am vastly happier to have thin hair over bald patches! However, I underestimated how shocked and dismayed I would feel as the hair continues to fall out. I believe the Bible where it says a woman’s hair is her crowning glory and I am vain enough about mine that I believe it is one of my best attributes! Even as fat as I was my hair was glorious. Now, its lackluster, dull, droopy and soooooo thin I am afraid to brush it! I even delay taking showers till my hair is so greasy I resemble a teenage girl in the throes of puberty just because I’m afraid of the hairball I’m going to get in the shower and then another hairball when I brush out the snarls.

Before anyone suggests it, I have been taking Biotin since before the surgery. Even though everything I read said it does nothing to stop or prevent the hair loss. All it does is help it grow back faster after your body is done losing your hair. However, in my naivety, I was so hopeful that, for me, it would prevent it. Ego much?! Nope, no go..

Oh well, it is what it is and since I am NOT doing wigs then I have to just accept it and move on. I will say, if it gets any thinner I might cut it off and try starting over and see if it will help to halt the remaining from falling out. But, it’s not the end of the world if it does.. at least, I hope not!

Love and God’s blessings,


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