My wake up call – Nutrition

Last week I shared how my lack of exercise contributed to a three week stall that actually had a slight weight gain on the second week. This week, week 21, I am happy to say I have a loss again and I am attributing it directly to the return to exercising. My diet has not drastically improved in the last week but I am slowly cutting back out the snacking and mindless eating. So, what happened? My husband left town and I hate to cook! I needed no further excuse to run out to the grocery store and fill my pantry with all the processed foods my three young sons could imagine!! It was like Christmas morning for them… in a disgusting, perverted way, but still very exciting. Well, one of my young sons is ADHD and feeding him processed foods is kind of like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Still, it took almost 2 weeks before I came to grips that I was the one making us miserable with my laziness! Just because I hate to cook doesn’t mean I don’t still have to do it… right?! I am the adult here and the parent. So, after a long sleepless night with sick kids (because all kids fed a diet of processed foods get sick all the time like mine do, right?) I decided it wasn’t right that I continue to feed all of us the salt, sugar, dyes, preservatives, chemicals, etc. that come in processed foods just because I don’t want to cook. In essence, I needed to woman up and take care of my little kids, even if my husband isn’t home to give me accolades for doing my job. It’s hard and some days I still fail , but the majority of the days now I cook a real dinner and we sit at the kitchen table and eat together.

So, what does my nutrition look like now? I’m not altogether sure since I only use MyFitnessPal sporadically. For the sake of having this to look back on in the future, I will log todays foods and record the numbers here:

Water: 32 oz.

Juice: 8 oz.

Coffee: 16 oz. Regular, 16 oz. Decaf

Protein: 39 g

Carbs: 80 g

Sugar: 22 g

Total calories: 1,117

You can see there are several problems with these numbers! It also explains why my weight is bouncing around. Although I’m happy with the sugar, my protein is WAY to low! That means my weight loss is more muscle than fat. My total calories is also higher than I realized but not outside my goal of less than 1200. I’m a firm believer that my more muscular, active body needs the extra calories above the 800 that most sleeve patients adhere to. So far I am correct and I continue to lose weight even though I am eating significantly more than 800 calories. As I increase my muscle mass (not going to happen if I don’t get that protein up!) I can increase my calories to compensate for what my body burns.

WARNING: If I DON’T keep up with the exercise then the extra calories will stall my weight loss and even cause me to gain.

REMINDER: Not all calories are the same, no matter what the experts say! The doritos are never good for me even if I’m under 1200 calories and I can eat as much avocado as I want even though it has tons of calories. Just two examples, but there are thousands where I can prove that it isn’t just about the calories. For my body it’s never as simple as, “calories in, calories out.” The source of the calories are more important than the calories themselves!

Love and God’s blessings,


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