My wake up call – Exercise

For the first time I had a weight gain when I weighed in on week 19, which was Wednesday, Sept. 21st. My scale had me at 213.0 and it’s a 1.4 lb weight gain from the week before. I was not actually upset but you’ll read more below why that was. However, the new me meant the new weight equaled a problem with my diet and exercise. Technically, the gain was just water retention but that, in itself, is a signal that the body dislikes something you’re doing. Water in, water out should be the norm (except at that time of the month for most, if not all, women.) If you’re retaining water than something is upset with the body. In my case I KNOW it was my lack of exercise and my lack of clean, whole foods. Let’s start with the exercise…

Previously, meaning before about August 28th, I was walking at least 3 miles a day every day but Sunday. I did it first thing in the morning without fail. Then my husband started working out of town and it became harder to get myself up and out the door each morning. Around the first week of September I dropped walking and ALL forms of exercise! I wasn’t gardening, I was barely cleaning, I wasn’t cooking or anything. Basically I visited friends, had play dates (where I would sit and drink sugary coffees and talk till it was nap time), went shopping (not purpose filled shopping where you can actually get some good cardiovascular walking in! More like the strolling and looking kind) and bought convenience foods so I didn’t have to cook. It felt good for about 2 days! Then I noticed I wasn’t sleeping well, which isn’t just the coffee people. I was also grumpier and my anxieties spiked up. I kept blaming my absent husband for all my doom and gloom and feeling so sluggish. I’m sure if there was ever a candidate for sainthood it’s my husband having to listen to me tell him again and again how bad it is at home without him there to help… stay with me, I’ll tell you why it isn’t his fault at all and I have proof about it… SO, fast forward almost a month to the week 19 weigh in on Sept 21st. When I got on the scale and had a gain I was confused by my own reaction. First, I wasn’t depressed or angry! Remember my anxieties and doom and gloom, I should have been raving mad at a gain. Instead I felt just numb for a couple hours and then I was relieved! I found a reason and it pointed me straight to what I was missing!! I know, as do most people if they are honest with themselves, that we humans NEED physical activity and most of us don’t have a lifestyle that includes it so we have to add it in. I knew the lack of exercise was going to catch up with me but I was too “busy” to notice time passing and with my husband gone there was no one to force my attention to it… I also had to admit to myself that I was well past the deadline to add weights to my exercise regime. No more putting it off. If I can’t walk (little kids at home with no one to babysit with my husband and teenagers gone) then I needed to do something else. So, here is my new exercise plan:

  • 3 days a week I will use an exercise video I find on the Amazon Fire stick. I’m sure other internet based tv platforms have the videos too. If not then your local library has tons of them.
  • 2 days a week I will use free weights and make a routine that is about 20-30 minutes long. There are books available that have these programs but I’m going to use
  • Every day I will do 10 minutes of basic stretches before and/or after a workout or on it’s own.

So the proof is that already, just 3 days into just doing minor free weights, cleaning around the house, playing physically with the kids, adding in more movement, I feel 100% better. The anxieties are slower to go away but I’ve already lost the doom and gloom outlook and I’m MUCH more at peace with my husband being gone so much. I wish I could take back all the nagging I gave him! I am getting things done and slowly losing the sluggish feeling (bloated!) that comes with too much laying around and not enough purpose-filled movement. Now, if I can only remember how bad it feels next time I’m tempted to skip a workout!!

Next post: learning about eating… again!

Love and God’s blessings,


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