Mid-way thru week 12 and what’s going on..

Food is all consuming… but in a strangely good way!  I struggle most days to get in enough good quality food. The denser proteins still get “stuck” and feel rough for a couple hours. Sliders, of course, don’t have that problem but also don’t provide anything but calories! A few exceptions to that are protein chips and carb smart ice cream that, at least, have some other nutritional value.

My food stats are:

  • Protein 60 grams (average) per day
  • Water 30-48 oz. per day
  • Gatorade 18 oz. per day
  • Calories 800-1100 per day
  • Sugar +/- 30 grams
  • Carbohydrates 100-200 grams (I struggle to keep this down!)

I still have tons of trouble with sugars!  Not a bad thing in any way.  Totally keeps me honest.  However, it’s a little depressing at times when I can’t have birthday cake or donuts with my friends.  I’m learning to not let it become a deal breaker for the rest of my day if my friends meet for coffee and donuts and all I do is nurse a latte for several hours.  I feel much better afterwards if I don’t try to force food down that I know is going to make me feel worse later.  This is what the surgery was meant for and it’s doing a spectular job!!!

I LOVE the new P3 lunchmeat and cheese snacks by Oscar Meyer!  These have been a lifesaver even though I know they are FULL of preservatives and salts.  I can grab one and throw it in my purse heading out the door and know I have something better than fast food.  Speaking of which, I also do very well with chicken nuggets and three fill me up completely!  That’s a decent protein lunch, on the run, for about a dollar.  Amazing!

Other foods: I have now branched out into veggies and fruits.  Oh, glorious food!!  I have never loved veggies as much as I do now.  Cooked or steamed and they go right down easy-peasy.  Only problem is the lack of protein.  I have not yet tried any salads.  Funny thing with fruit: because of the high sugar content some fruits I can’t eat.  For example, I can eat peaches, yumalicious!, but I can’t eat watermelon, oh, the pain!  Not sure whether it was sugar content or texture but watermelon is definitely on the list of not trying again for a long time.

Eggs, glorious eggs!!  I still eat these as my primary protein.  I found I am deficient on Vitamin G, now known as riboflavin and eggs are a good source.

That’s all I can think of for now…

Love and God’s blessings,


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