Almost Week 8 and where I’m at…

Here are some highlights on what’s going on with my recovery, weight loss, and life after surgery.

1) Still losing slowly, averaging about 2 lb per week (I’m not factoring in the first week when I lost all the water from the IV during surgery!) My husband and I both find it fascinating that I’m eating so few calories and losing so slowly. Not complaining, mind you, but astounding that popular opinion was that I could lose weight at 1200 calories but it would appear that I’m just barely losing at 800 so, most likely, I would maintain or gain at 1200.

2) I’m walking about 8-12k steps a day (between 3-5 miles) I even started jogging a little but it’s pretty ugly 🙂

3) My calories stay between 800-1,000 with protein around 50-60g, carbs at 30-40g and sugars at 15-25g. I am still relying on gatorade to keep my electrolites up high enough because I’m not getting enough water.

4) I’m still breastfeeding but some days I have to supplement with a bottle because my fluids are too low.

5) I’m still having some trouble eating enough some days because I never feel hungry! My stomach has pains sometimes, which I think is suppose to be my cue to eat but instead it makes me want to avoid food. It’s kind of nice not to be a slave to food anymore but it’s a catch 22 because I need to eat otherwise I’m tired, dizzy and sick.

6) Sugar and I don’t get along at all! I can eat about 1-2 tsp of sugar at a time, any more and I get really sick and stay that way for a couple hours (no donuts, no cake, no ice cream, no candy!) Think cold sweats, pasty mouth, stomach cramps, acid reflux and dizzy.

7) Pre-surgery my favorite coffee was a mocha. Now my tastes have changed enough that it’s too sweet and I prefer a latte with a little honey stirred in.

8) I HATE protein shakes! And artificial sweeteners.. bleck!

9) I have a weird pain in my right forearm that hurts whenever I bend my hand back, like when you push something, or when I try to grab something. It feels like a pulled muscle but it’s been about 3 weeks and it’s not getting better.

10) I seem to bruise easier.

11) It seems like for no reason I have several days in a row of severe acid reflux. Last week I had it bad for 3 or 4 days and it burned the back of my throat so bad I talked funny for the rest of the week and it hurt to swallow. This is the second time this has happened.

12) I can see a lot of changes in my body from the weight loss and feel more confident. I’m almost to the weight that I “see” myself at. I’m curious to see how I handle it when I go lower on the scale..

Love and God’s blessings,


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