Eating and Exercising, where I’m at..

Today is day 20 post-op and I wanted to take a minute and add some bullets on where I’m at right now:

  • I’m getting about 6,000 steps-per-day-average using my Fitbit One to measure (some days I have only 2,000 and others 9,000) and I have no problem doing the steps and I try to do at least one 20 minute long walk each day.
  • I’m spending between 30 minutes to an hour in the garden each morning as well.
  • I’m still on the pureed stage for food so my numbers below are still fairly low.
    • My average calorie count is between 400-600 calories per day.
    • Protein is around 30 to 45g per day (should be at >50g/day)
    • Roughly 32-48 oz of fluid per day… yes, I realize this is low and I’m mostly drinking watered down gatorade which isn’t the best choice but there are problems with our water right now. (should be at 50-62oz)
    • I eat mostly: scrambled egg, refried beans, Adkins protein shakes, blended soups, plain Chobani yogurt, dark chicken meat, or white fish. These are what go down easy for me. Usually, no more than 2 ozs at a time.
  • I really miss vegetables! My diet is pretty bland.
  • I get super grumpy, super quick when I’m hungry but don’t always recognize the signs in time and my husband suffers for it.
  • Having some head games with the weight loss and how few calories I am consuming.  I feel like the weight should be just falling off with only 600 calories a day but I only lost 4 lbs in the last two weeks.  I knew it would happen this way and really it’s better for the skin but I was still hoping it would just melt off in chunks.  Now I’m worried about what will happen in a week when I start adding soft foods and my calories go up a little bit.
  • I’m glad I took measurements to boost my spirits when the scale doesn’t move.

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