VSG with Dr. Fernando Garcia and Tijuana Bariatrics


I hit on it in a few of the other posts but wanted to go into some detail about the Surgeon I chose.  His name is Dr. Fernando Garcia (Govea). The practice is called Tijuana Bariatrics and it’s located in Tijuana, Mexico.  The web site is: http://www.tijuanabariatrics.com

In the past he has used outsourced coordinators like, Ready4aChange, but now he is using his own on-site coordinator.  I chose Dr. Garcia so I used his own coordinator rather than switching doctors.  I spent over 3 years researching, talking to past clients, watching his youtube videos and everyone else’s.  I wasn’t changing doctors just because of the coordinator!

My impression of him through videos and blogs was that he was intelligent and soft spoken and capable.  He answered questions thoroughly and in a manner that I could understand.  I also talked with many people on facebook that had the same impression. I felt safe when I thought of him taking care of me.

My first meeting with Dr. Garcia was about 1/2 an hour before surgery.  He came in and introduced himself, shook my hand (two handed shake, my friends) and quietly explained the procedure again.  He asked me if I had any questions and patiently answered the same questions I asked all the other doctors: What should I expect coming out of general anesthesia? What will tonight be like after surgery? What should my recover be like? What happens if something goes wrong? etc… He was extremely patient, soft spoken and gentle with me.  Not in the least bit rushed or agitated.  The whole interview took about 10 minutes and he left.  Within the half hour I went to surgery and remember nothing more than moving onto the operating table and getting oxygen.  There are some blogs that tell of a strange operating room but the one I was in, in Hospital CER, was immaculately clean and not any different than all the operating rooms I have been in the States.

Recovery was a little harder for me than the normal person.  I had some trouble coming out of general anesthesia in that my eyes couldn’t stay open even though my brain was functioning.  I also took longer (by only a couple hours, but still) to get my arms and legs coordinated.  Eventually, things got better and I was shuffling down the hallways with everyone else.  The gas pressure they warn you about is REAL!  The pain is exactly like you’re having a heart attack.  The walking makes a huge difference even though it hurts to move around a lot.

I was the last surgery of the day and I came out of recovery at 18:50 (6:50pm).  By 8pm I was doing my first shuffle down the hallway.  At the beginning it was only two passed around the little hallway but every hour I got up and walked another 2 laps.  By morning I was sleeping a little better and longer, getting 2-3 hours sleep before walking.  The first morning after surgery was the hardest physically because I wanted to sleep but the chest pain would only be alleviated by walking, which also made me ache.  By the evening of the first day I was walking 4 laps and feeling much better.

The morning of the first day, around 9am, Dr. Garcia came to check up on me and my incision and progress.  It was just a routine visit but I appreciated it and being able to ask some more questions about healing and time tables.  I asked questions of him that I later learned I was suppose to ask the Nurtitionist, but Dr. Garcia took the time to answer them anyway.

In summary: I think I chose the best surgeon!  He did a wonderful job, I’m healing and healthy.  His bedside manner is gentle and soft.  He’s extremely patient (excellent quality in a surgeon, if you ask me) and kind.  I felt he cared about me and my health.

Love and God’s blessings,



2 thoughts on “VSG with Dr. Fernando Garcia and Tijuana Bariatrics

    1. I had the regular one. So, I have three small scars and a fourth scar that’s about an inch long that was the drain line. Right now they are still bright red and a little scary but I had two c-sections so I know the color will fade and they wont be so ugly later. No one I know had the single incision, sorry.


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