Bad breath?!?

Let’s talk about bad breath. I don’t mean the breath you get when you eat onions or garlic and forget to brush your teeth that night. That’s small beans.. I’m talking about the kind of breath that people see you coming and they start cringing, you know in your head they are saying to themselves, “Oh, Lord, please don’t let her actually engage in a conversation with me!” OR when you wake up at 3am with toxic waste spit eating away at the lining of your mouth and even your poor starved stomach is screaming at you not to swallow it. OR when your 7 year old son tells you your breath smells like a raptor bird ate something dead off the road… thanks for that visualization. THAT’S where I’m at! Prayers aren’t enough and after scrounging the internet for solutions, I’ve come up with only one decent one… I brush my teeth, a lot!

Brushing my teeth is a temporary fix, to be sure. It’s in my saliva, I can taste my body shedding the toxins and waste. It’s actually a good thing for what I’m trying to achieve but it’s far more disgusting than anything else so far. My jaw aches with the taste and production of saliva. So, what’s the deal? Is this forever? How can I even kiss my husband knowing I probably taste and smell like a sewer?

The bad breath goes hand-in-hand with the extremely quick weight loss. As with all things human, my experiences are going to be different, but I remember doing the Adkins diet years ago and having bad breath then as well. I also know that as my body stops shedding the weight and toxins, my breath will also improve. For now, there isn’t anything to be done but chalk it up to a temporary side effect. I need to ignore the stuff I can’t fix and focus on the glory of the ride at this moment.

Love and God’s blessings,


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