Day 3 & 4 post-op, Return from Mexico

Day 3 post-op : Sunday

  • Woke up bright and early, about 5am, took my shower, cleaned my drain hole (re-bandaged with the better band-aids I brought from home) and got ready for the day.
  • Determined to find something other than plain water to drink, I made a 8oz cup of plain tea (ran the bottled water through the coffee maker twice to make sure it killed any bacteria from the coffee maker) and also mixed half of the 6 oz box of peach juice with water, about 8 oz total. Both seemed to be fine but the tea felt the best being hot so I drank that this morning, took about 2 hours, and sipped the juice throughout the day.
  • This day I had some emotional backlash from the stress of the surgery and the last couple days. It wasn’t terrible but a lot of, “Oh my goodness, what have I done?!” As reality set in. I did not regret it for a minute!  I just let reality sink in and it occurred to me in a very real way that this was a life change.  Nothing earth shattering since I knew what I was doing.  More along the lines of when you have your first baby and he/she is put in your arms and looking lovingly at the child, reality sets in and you are amazed and alarmed at the same time.  Hard to put into words.
  • Time gets a little fuzzy this day since I have no responsibility other than healing and walking and getting in fluids.
  • Met two of the other women in the restaurant so my support person could get some breakfast and I had another, small, cup of tea. It was a fruit blend so no caffeine but too tart so I added a tiny bit of splenda and it was perfect! Wonderful to have another flavor to try.
  • We were invited to tour the city and go to the ocean with our new friends so we took them up on it. Left at 10am and got back around 2pm. We paid the driver, Alvero, $10/person and he took us wherever we wanted and he stayed with us the entire time, even walking with us and interpreting for us.  It was worth every penny and we had a wonderful time!
  • Back to the hotel for my nap, walking was exhausting!  But I also got another 3/4 of a water bottle in. At this point I had probably 28 oz of fluids.
  • Watched some tv, read my kindle and was basically lounging for the rest of the evening. Drank the watered down juice for dinner and started another water bottle, bringing my total for the day to around 36-40 oz.
  • About 6pm went in search of my support person and found some of our other friends having a late dinner in the lounge area so I joined them for another cup of tea.  This is significant in that I drank a LARGE cup (16 oz.) of tea in a SHORT amount of time (1 hour) and it caused trouble all night!  I overfilled my tummy and felt pretty crummy for a while and didn’t sleep well because of it. Important lesson learned!!!
  • I did walk, intermittently, laps around the halls of my floor of the hotel. To give you an idea of how much walking I got in, my fitbit said 4,372 steps at the end of the day.
  • My Coordinator called and checked up on me and gave me my marching order for the next day. We were to be packed, in the lobby and ready to leave at 7:45am. The medical line for border crossing would be open at 8am and that’s when we wanted to be there. Our flight home was at 12:35 so we had plenty of time but I was nervous about getting stuck at the border so I insisted we go with the earliest crossing.

Day 4 post-op: Monday and travel day

  • Once again I was up around 5am (8am in Ohio), I just never got used to the time chance. Showered, cleaned the incisions and drain hole, packed and we were still ready to go at 7am. So, we went to the lobby, with our luggage, checked out and ordered tea for me and coffee for my support person.  Sat and waited sipping my tea.
  • Driver got there almost exactly at 7:30. We loaded up and another couple women were crossing with us so they also loaded and we left a little before schedule.
  • We got to the border too early and had to sit and wait for 10 minutes. After that it took another 1/2 hour to 45 minutes and we were thru. Not a single glitch.
  • Made it to the airport before 9am. Waited and walked in the terminal for 3 hours but it was not bad at all.
  • Flight home was uneventful, had a layover in Phoenix for 1/2 hour. Then a long flight of 4-1/2 hours to Columbus. I tried to upgrade so I could put my seat back and sleep but the first class seats were already gone. Instead I got an aisle seat with no one beside me so I could stretch out a bit and also walk/stand when needed.
  • Home at 9:50pm!

Specific notes: I tried to keep the pump & dump at regular intervals but some got messed up. In the end I did it about 3 times a day and once in the night if I woke up. By the 3rd day I was only getting about 4 oz each time, which I expected but still disappointed me, but was happy that I still had my milk.  While flying home I was too tired to pump so I skipped it.

So, that was my adventure!  I hope it helps someone to know what to expect…

Love and God’s blessings,


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