What I am packing for my VSG in Mexico

Updated list with what I used, didn’t use and wished I had!


  1. 2 Pairs yoga type pants for sleeping (USED – wish I had 2 more pairs)
  2. 1 pair capri exercise pants (Didn’t use – waste band was uncomfortable)
  3. 2 tee-shirts (USED – wish I had taken 1-2 more loose, longer shirts)
  4. 1 tank top (USED)
  5. 5 pairs panties (USED)
  6. 2 comfy bras (USED – wish I had 2-3 more for a clean one each day)
  7. 4 pairs socks (USED)
  8. pair of rubber sports sandals (USED)
  9. Skirt with yoga waistband, dress shirt and sweater for Mass (Didn’t use shirt or sweater, USED shirt for plane ride home)


  1. travel size 2-in-1 shampoo (USED – Not necessary, though, because the hotel has samples)
  2. travel size Dove soap (my favorite) (USED – but not necessary since the hotel provided)
  3. toothbrush (USED – absolute lifesaver when some flavors were too much for me)
  4. toothpaste (USED – see above)
  5. floss (USED)
  6. deodorant (USED)
  7.  Breast pump and bottle and pads (USED)
  8. Bandages and neosporin spray (USED – nicer than the gauze they provided)
  9. Pantiliners (USED – some spotting despite full time breast feeding)


  1. Prenatal vitamins (Didn’t use)
  2. Zyrtex (Didn’t use)
  3. Claritin (Didn’t use)
  4. Immodium AD (USED – the barium you drink for the x-ray was a doozie!)
  5. Gas-x strips (Didn’t use)
  6. cough drops (Didn’t use)
  7. blistex (USED – definitely a life saver for your lips!)
  8. Ended up buying hydrocortizone cream for poison ivy that I got just before I left for Mexico. Their pharmacy really does have everything but the price was about the same as here.


  1. $100 cash in $1 bills (USED about $80)
  2. Kindle and charger (USED)
  3. Cell phone and charger (remember to add international to plan) – (USED)
  4. Credit card for emergencies (remember to call and alert them to international travel) – (USED – hotel required $100 deposit for incidentals)
  5. Coloring book and pencils 🙂 – (USED but could have left home)
  6. Books to read on the flight (Didn’t use – used the kindle instead)
  7. Ear buds for kindle (Didn’t use)
  8. Wallet with driver’s license and Passport card (USED)
  9. I did not take any powdered fluids and did just fine. We did make a run to the Walmart for powerade and G2 but ended up drinking tea (available at the hotel) and watered down pure (no sugar added) fruit juice as my primary sources of fluids.

Love and God’s blessings,


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