Starting a new chapter in breastfeeding

My little girls is 5 months old today!  And she is more than ready to move on to her first “solids.”  Today we will introduce rice cereal to her diet.  She has been acting hungry for the last week or so with waking at night to eat and putting everything in her mouth.

What does this have to do with VSG and breastfeeding?  Because every time you introduce something new into the diet it temporarily messes up the breastfeeding routine and the mothers milk supply.  Right now I am heavy with milk because she has been nursing so often.  This is both a blessing and a curse!  It’s downright painful at times but the milk is needed to store for the upcoming trip to Mexico.  I’m only a couple bottles away from having more than enough to get her through me being gone AND getting her through the couple weeks I may have a low milk supply from the lack of fluids.  One thing I’m concerned about is if I am still making too much milk when I go then it will add to the pain element when I can’t breastfeed to get relief.  I plan to pump and dump but I know it will be hard, mentally, to dump it.  Just for the record, I am more than a little nervous I won’t be able to actually pull this off.  I’m not too worried about my daughter’s health since my first two kids were only breastfed for 3 months and they are both very healthy.  But this was a goal for me to breastfeed all my babies for one year or until they wean themselves.  Given the decision between the VSG and breastfeeding I will chose the VSG, obviously, but I really want to do both.  That is my hope.

Love and God’s blessings,



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