The straw that broke the camels back..

Three years ago I had my, “ah-ha,” moment at my goddaughter’s birthday party.  I was sitting on the couch in my brothers house and everyone was having cake.  It was a pre-teen’s definition of a perfect cake; complete with blue icing… really quite gross to most humans.  I was having a strong moment and told my sister-in-law I would pass, but moments later my goddaughter handed me a piece of cake, complete with royal blue rose, and I found myself shoveling it into my mouth.  The whole time I am thinking to myself, “what are you doing?!  You hate this cake and the blue is going to turn your teeth blue and it coats your tongue with wax-y feeling.  Yuck!”  And yet, I kept eating it… and it did turn my mouth blue and it did make my tongue feel like it was covered with wax and I did, immediately, regret eating it.  But it didn’t stop there.. in an effort to erase the nasty taste in my mouth I decided to eat some ice cream.  Regretted that as well, so I drank a can of coke. Do you see where this is going?  All from one piece of blue cake that I couldn’t just set down and walk away.

It was at this moment that I decided something had to be done.  It called to mind Matthew 5:30 and Mark 9:43.  I later told my husband about the cake incident.  He agreed with me that it was time to do something drastic.  I was slowly killing myself with food that controlled me.  I was no longer the master, my stomach was.  Time for the stomach to go!

Love and God’s blessings,



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