VSG and Breastfeeding — What?!?

The whole reason for this blog is to relate my experience going through the sleeve surgery while breastfeeding my 4 month old (she’ll be just over 5 months on the date of the surgery).  I typically breastfeed till my babies till they are 1 year old, or they wean themselves.  This baby has been a little different in that at 2 months old she started sleeping 10-12 hours at night!  This is a mixed blessing since it gives me sleep, an unheard of anomaly with a newborn, but it also messes up the milk production.  We are just now getting a pattern for nursing that keeps my milk up enough to pump 8 ounces every other day or so.  I need to pump enough bottles for my husband to keep feeding my daughter breast milk while I am in Mexico for 5 days.

I have noticed that when I am not getting my water in then my breast milk diminishes.  This confirms the speculation that the critical element will be keeping my fluids up after the surgery.  Our bodies making breast milk is less about the calories, think about women in 3rd world countries breast feeding on minuscule calories per day, and more about having enough fluids to make the breast milk!  This is good news since my food calories are about to drop off drastically.  My water consumption, however, needs to stay as high as possible or not only am I not going to be able to breastfeed but I’ll also end up in the hospital for dehydration, which is potentially fatal.

So, my game plan is going to be to focus post-op on walking (I’ve had two c-sections so I know the value of walking in healing!) and getting in my fluids.  This might mean I need to set a timer through the night to continue to get in my fluids but it will be worth it to keep my health and to keep breast feeding.  I already bought my water bottle and I’m already practicing sipping at regular intervals to get in 64+ ounces.  Bottoms up!

Love and God’s blessings,


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