Preoperative “diet”

Among one of the nicest things about Dr. Garcia’s group is that his pre-op diet is a little more flexible than most. This was NOT a deciding factor but a nice perk. The length of the pre-op diet is based on your BMI. Since my BMI is 44 (more about this later when I post my stats), I have to do a 10 day high protein, low calorie, no sugar diet. The last two days is clear liquids only and nothing 8 hours before surgery. Dr. Garcia’s coordinator, Karen, provides all this information so I’m not going to list it here. What I do want to talk about is the NEW diet. As in, “this is actually how you are going to eat for the rest of your life,” diet! This isn’t just a pre-op “diet” like most surgery patients think. This is actually you, me, practicing how we are going to eat forever on after surgery.

I haven’t actually started my pre-op diet yet. Since my surgery is May 12th, I don’t have to start till May 2nd but I’m going to jump start it on April 28th. Till then I’m going to work on eliminating sugar and replacing meals with protein shakes so it isn’t so much of a shock to my system. There’s a problem with this..

I’m addicted to sugar! The more I try to eliminate it the more I catch myself sneaking it. Worse, I start to justify my actions because, “I’ll never get to eat it again!” I know it’s a problem and I know I have to solve it before the surgery. I have 8 weeks left..

Love and God’s blessings,



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