My goals (updated at 9, 13 and 32 weeks post op)

It’s been several years now since I began a journey to discover an answer to my aches and pains and lack of energy. I’ve been diagnosed with Asthma, Sleep Apnea, Allergies, Pre-diabetic and Adrenal Fatigue. I’ve seen many doctors, spent thousands of dollars, and tried many changes.  When each doctor’s suggestions failed to work, their answer was that really I just need to lose weight.

Losing weight has a lot of appeal beyond just restoring energy, relieving pain and extending my life expectancy.  Here are my goals.  I hope this list will edify me during the tough times ahead.

  1. shop in a regular clothing store (done, week 32 post-op, although it could have been sooner if I liked to wear tight clothes, I am now in a size 14/16)
  2. get out of bed in the morning without moaning in pain (done, by 2 weeks post-op! although there are still days when this regresses)
  3. get up off the floor, or a low couch, without “rolling” (done)
  4. wear my engagement ring again (done, by week 6 post-op)
  5. wear socks without getting a ring around my ankle
  6. paint my toe nails
  7. go hiking with my husband without him pulling me along
  8. sleep all night without waking gasping for breath (done, within a week post-op!)
  9. sit in a stadium seat comfortably
  10. wear a seat belt in the car without it choking me (done – noticed this one at 12 weeks post-op!)
  11. be under the 240 weight limit to jump on our trampoline (done, by 9 weeks post-op)
  12. rough house with my little boys without worrying about squishing them, literally
  13. shop for shoes at the running store without getting humiliating looks
  14. so that my 2 year old can wrap her legs and arms around me in her bear hug (done, week 16)
  15. wear necklaces without extenders (done, week 32)
  16. wear dress shoes without flesh mounding out the top (done! my feet were one of the first places I lost weight)
  17. have actual ankles again (d0ne, as good as it’s gonna get)
  18. eat at a restaurant without feeling people looking at me and judging my plate (LOL, this can’t be accomplished because now people look at me because I just order a side and pick at it!)
  19. feeling comfortable in my own skin again (done, in the first 20 lbs I felt better and more comfortable)
  20. going on rides at the fair with my little ones
  21. Tie my shoes without holding my breath (done, and I can even bend down without leaning to the side to tie them!)
  22. teaching my children the courage to take action (and responsibility) (done! I told them about the surgery about week 4 post-op and they were very encouraging and still are.)
  23. not sleeping 14 hours a day (done – but not sure if it’s because I can’t or because I don’t want to, LOL, with a baby in the house sleep is a precious commodity!)
  24. running again
  25. no more maternity clothing when I’m not pregnant (done)
  26. no “fat” pants that are the same size but have all elastic waistbands (done)
  27. finger joints that don’t swell and hurt (done, before surgery day I had cut out all sugar and the inflamation was gone!)
  28. flexibility to cross my legs comfortably (done, oh happy day!)
  29. boots that fit over my calves
  30. Squat to talk to my two year old without holding my breath (done)


Love and God’s blessings,


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